More Hummingbird Photos

You Asked For Them So Here They Are

Oh you didn’t want to see more of my backyard hummingbird? Sorry. I had this post all thought out already though so I might as well go on with it. Soon the hummingbird will leave and go somewhere warm like we all should. Right now though it has picked up its feeding so that it has the reserves to make the flight.

Near The End Of The Hummingbird Photos For The Year

I am still feeding my hummingbirds. They are smarter than we are, and when it is time to leave they will leave on their own. For now though I am keeping the feeder full so that this one has all that it needs to make the flight to wherever it is going. The common myth is that you should take your feeder down so the hummingbird doesn’t stay too long and die. That is the opposite of how you should do it. The hummingbird needs that feeder more just before it leaves than ever. Soon though it will be gone, and I will have to find something else to photograph.

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