Our Monarch Farm

Having Some Fun With Nature

A couple of years ago we noticed that the monarchs loved to lay their eggs on a vine that would come out from under our deck. We watched the life cycle of the butterfly with great interest.

Using The Canon 5D Mark III

For a lot of this experiment I broke out the Canon 5D Mark II again. I bought this camera five years ago with the intention of it being one of the last cameras that I would own. At the time I didn’t realize that it is the glass that lasts and the camera quickly becomes nearly obsolete. I still use this camera for my remote work, but rarely for anything else. Here I just mounted it on my Canon 100mm macro lens with the ring light attached to it. I left this setup together for a couple of months so I had a quick grab when something cool happened outside. I liked having the grab camera setup for this. At one point I had this setup, a 24-105mm, and my 150-600mm all setup on on the counter ready for anything. Can you tell that I get bored sometimes?

The Life Cycle

We watched hundreds of caterpillars go from egg to large caterpillar. The one thing that we never saw this year was the chrysalis. We saw the monarch lay the eggs several times to start the process. At any time when it was at its peak we could see nearly every stage of the caterpillar at one time looking through the leaves. It was fun to watch all of this, but we never saw where they went to transform. Below are a few favorite photos from the process.

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