Purdue Soccer Takes On Michigan

Back At Folk Field To See Purdue Soccer Take On Michigan

Sunday afternoon I was back at Folk Field to see Purdue soccer take on Michigan. Michigan is the defending Big Ten Champs, and Purdue is on the rise. They really have impressed me with their play so far this season, and I cannot wait to see how high they climb in the Big Ten Standings. The best part about this team is that they appear to be young. Many of the pieces that are leading this charge still have a couple of years left at Purdue. This thing is only going to get better.

Another Hot Day

Sunday was another hot afternoon at Folk Field. As I stood or sat in my locations to photograph the game I kept thinking about how hot it felt down on the field. I couldn’t feel sorry for myself though because I was watching two teams really battle it out on the field in those conditions. Soccer is not an easy sport to begin with. When you throw in a hot day into the mix it really makes it hard. I tip my cap to those on both sides of the field that really kept going even when their bodies had to be telling them to stop. What an effort.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a week where I seemed more focused on sports than other weeks. I was able to get a mid week soccer match in. That lead to it really being a gallery this week of mostly sports photos. If you like my hummingbird stuff than I did manage to make some images for you as well. Here are my favorite photos from last week.

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