Purdue Soccer And Notre Dame Soccer End In A Tie

The Purdue Exhibition Season Ends In A Tie

Last year one of my soccer highlights was traveling up to Notre Dame to see Purdue take on the Irish. The Boilers pulled off the win even though it was an exhibition game. It was a great game to photograph, and like I said one of the highlights of my soccer season last year. This year I was looking forward to this rematch with Notre Dame coming in ranked 14th in the country. It was a great game even though nobody broke through. Both teams had their chances which ratchets up the tension. In a scoreless game any goal could be the one so they are fun to shoot in that respect. You have to stay on your toes.

More Good Light At Folk Field

For the second straight game the light was amazing as the sun set at Folk Field. I don’t recall many games there with bad light though so it is just a testament to the person who designed and laid out the field. At some point of the game I work back towards midfield to make a couple of stadium shots.

The Week In Photos

This past week is historically my favorite of the year. I get to dust off the long lenses and photograph some college sports again. This past week I was able to get out and photograph football, soccer, and volleyball again. That is a something else after a summer of finding other ways to stay busy. Now that the college season is here I can start to make the images that I love to make again. This week I hope showed some of the fun that I was having. You can see my favorite images from the week here on my Exposure page.

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