The Harrison Boys Soccer Team Opens Their Season Against Crown Point

The Defending State Champions Open Up Their 2018 Campaign

Last night I was at Harrison High School to photograph their season opening soccer match. Last year was a magical year for the Raiders as they won the state title. My friend Brian is their coach, and I couldn’t be happier for him. I knew that I wanted to photograph some of the teams games this season, but looking at the schedule I realized that this might be the only one that I get a chance to photograph. Things change, but I wanted to make sure that I made it to at least one game.

Back To Where It All Started

A few years back in 2013 I had not photographed much soccer. I knew that I needed to improve in that department. I started going to Harrison games along with the Purdue games I was shooting to try and get the hang of the game. I had never watched much soccer before let along photographed it. It was at Harrison that I had one parent who also photographed the games that really helped me learn the game. Instead of guessing why players did what they did I was able to hear why. Those sessions shooting at Harrison along with watching way too much Fox Sports Soccer (when it was still a thing) are a major reason why I picked up the sport way quicker than I should have.

More Photos From The Match

Here is a link to more photos from the match. I had some fun playing with the light early on in the match. I ended up leaving early to hang out with my family for a while before it got too late on a school night.

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