The Lafayette Aviators vs. The Terre Haute Rex

The Rex Come To Lafayette

Early this season when the Rex came to town I was busy and couldn’t make the game. They are right now the class of the Prospect League with a pretty solid record. Any excuse to get out to Loeb Stadium is a good one so I made my way down there to watch some baseball.

Knowing Players On Both Teams

Last night I went to Loeb Stadium knowing that I have photographed guys on both teams. There is a pretty decent Indiana State presence on the Terre Haute Rex. Of course Tyler Powers and Milo Beam play for the Aviators. I had some fun trying to make some photos of these players that I have photographed many times.

The Magic Of Loeb Stadium

I know that I must sound like a broken record, but I love photographing late day games at this stadium. The sun is great, and gives you many options to play around with it. You can take the obvious choice of shooting with it, but last night I shot a lot of the game backlit.

The Week In Photos

For over two years I have been putting together my favorite photos of the week into one Exposure post. You can see this weeks post here. This is a good way for me to get out and shoot as well as a way for me to take another look at what I have done to see what can be improved. Last week was a week where I shot a lot of different things with a lot of different kinds of cameras. It was a fun week. The next two weeks will have a wedding theme to the end of the posts.

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