The Global Community

Growing Up In A Diverse City

It amazes me all of the time just how diverse the community here in West Lafayette is. Where I grew up nearly everyone looked like me. My kids grow up with kids from all over the world, and that diversity has already paid big dividends. My four year old speaks parts of three languages. I stumble through life barely mastering one. While spending a summer day walking around campus we walked past this room in the Union. When the little one asked me what all of the flags were for we had some fun finding flags that we knew, and even looking up some that we didn’t.

About The Photo

This is six photos frankesteined together to make one. I made two sets of three bracketed images with HDR in mind. One had more of the ceiling and one had more of the area immediately in front of me. Once I had them how I wanted them individually I merged the two photos together in Lightroom. My 11-24mm lens can get a lot of the scene in, but even it can’t get this much of the scene in. Making a small panoramic allows me to get all that I want into my scene.

The Week In Photos

Last week had a little bit of everything. Saturday was a fun day with a walk around campus, and a baseball game at night. The backend of my Exposure page that you can find here is very heavy on Saturday.

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