The Magic Of Prasco Park

Having Fun At Prasco Park

When I was contacted about shooting the Big East baseball tournament at Prasco Park I looked up the park to see what it was all about. I found out very little about the park online. That left most of the discovery for when I made it to Mason, Ohio. What I found when I got there was that this was an awesome park. It is fun to watch a game at, and it also has some other great things about it. Of course the free ice cream may be swaying my opinion here, but why wouldn’t it?

Seeing Prasco Park From The Air

Before the Saturday game well before anyone was on the field I made a flight with my drone over the stadium. It was a quick flight, but one that produced a couple of cool images. I liked this one, and I thought that it could be good for social media. I was right as it was used a few times by the Big East.

An Aerial Image That Is Also A Panorama

Because I cannot fly high enough to get the entire stadium in one shot I must think outside of the box. I made several photos from around the stadium in a grid like pattern and then stitched those photos together in Lightroom. The panorama feature in Lightroom has really come a long way. In the past I would have not even tried this photo, but rather just sent it straight to Photoshop. It worked perfectly here. I need to try this technique more often in places that I cannot fly as high.

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