Our Pet Rabbit

Photographing The Rabbits Of University Farm

We don’t really have a pet rabbit, but we have rabbits that visit enough we feel like we do. It is fun to watch how much fun the kids have with the rabbits that come to our yard to eat a couple of times a day. The feedings usually occur in the morning and night. Yesterday seemed like a day where the rabbits didn’t know what time of day it was. With the gloomy skies acting like dusk most of the day they just seemed to camp out in front of our house. I went out a couple of times to make a couple of photos of the rabbits as they ate. Usually my rule is not to photograph subjects while eating, but that rule is more for humans. Our family dog wanted to come out with me, but I don’t think he wanted to make any photos.

That Time Of Year

This is that time of the year when I really struggle a bit. After being slammed with photography work with the college season in full swing I feel a little weird this time of the year. I try and find things that give me the same juice that photographing a sporting event does. After a few weeks I am a little calmer, but this time of the year I pace around the house at times because I feel that I should be photographing something. On a day like yesterday this photo of the rabbit is what I would get. August can’t get here soon enough.

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