A Quick Spin With The DJI Mavic Air

Taking The DJI Mavic Air For A Test Spin

I did not have a lot of time to play around with the DJI Mavic Air yesterday when it arrived at my house. An issue with getting the drone up and running kept me from having a couple of hours to fly it. For some reason you have to register the drone with DJI before taking it up in the air. That in app service was down or something for most of the afternoon making it impossible to fly my new toy. I did take it up at sunset just to see what it could do. Truth be told I had a quick flight earlier before heading to a family function, but I really didn’t get to do too much in that time. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I am sure that I will have a lot more to say about the drone. For now it is about having fun with it and seeing where I can take it.

A Few Quick Thoughts From Day One

My first gripe will be that I can’t tilt up as far on this drone as I could my Phantom 4. Many of my vertirama’s like the one in yesterday’s post were made using that extra tilt. That was a big trick that I loved to use. Now it seems like I can’t get enough sky in my photos. Maybe that is something that I can figure out. Besides the tilt and the crazy time to get it in the air initially I really like this drone so far. One other gripe is the smaller than can be door on the back for the cable and the micro SD card. My fingers have a hard time getting the card in, and getting it back out can be a chore. This has to be a focus on the version two of this drone. Really minor gripes at this point. The size makes it easier to take along with me, and it was stable and easy to fly. I was worried about the 12mp sensor, but the photos in low light last night looked good. This will be a fun experiment.

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