Purdue Baseball Headed To Chapel Hill

Purdue Baseball Finds Out Their NCAA Destination

As I have said a few times in the past week it is a good thing that this blog is not a news site. I have been running quite a bit behind as I have tried to catch up from nine games in five days. After all of that I still went down to campus Monday afternoon to see the team find out their NCAA destination. There were a couple of places where I had connections and a place to stay that could have made the trip worthwhile. As those destinations went by I started to look as nervous as the players. When Chapel Hill was announced with the other teams headed there it pretty much sealed the deal for me shooting there. I still had thoughts of going as a fan and shooting, but the school policy made sure that I would have to carry all of my gear inside. I decided to just stay home and shoot some baseball near me. It is weird that I have gotten to the point where I can’t really go to a game and watch it. I wish that it was different, but I am wired in a weird way. Maybe the Boilers can pull off the win and I can make the trip next round.

The Faces Before The Show

It was fun watching the players before their name was called. They all had ideas about where they were going just like everyone else. It was fun looking for and finding those moments as the day moved on. This was one of my favorites during that time. This was probably the last time that I will photograph these seniors so it was fun to go out on a high note.

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