Top 18 Photos From The Big East Baseball Tournament

My Eighteen Favorite Photos From The Big East Baseball Tournament

Man that was a fun four days in Mason, Ohio. I love tournament baseball. I love everything about it. You pretty much got it all in the four days of action at Prasco Park. As I type this it looks as if this tournament will be my last event of the 2017-2018 college sports season. If that is true then it was a heck of a way for it to end. I had so much fun that I was hoping to get some tournament action, but that never was a feasible option this year with all of the sites so far away from me. When this college season started I shot as if it would be my last. Work was fairly dry at the end of the 2016-2017 year, and I didn’t want to just hang around. I want to stay busy if this is what I am to do. If things did not pick up I was prepared for this past year to be my last. By did they pick up. I think that it was by far the most fun I have had during a season. I have already booked a few fun events in the next school year that should get me off to a great start. With as much fun as I had here in Mason though August cannot come soon enough.

18. Part of the fun of shooting for four straight days is the fact that you get to see a lot of baseball. In that time you are bound to see some close plays, and you just have to capture them. Here is a close play at second from the final day of the tournament. The margin for error in the sport is so small that you get these bang bang plays.

17. This is in the countdown just because I loved the Seton Hall jerseys that resembled the 80’s Astros so much. This is a list of my favorite photos so I can include whatever I want. I just liked the way that these jerseys looked.

16. This photo makes the countdown just because it was such an interesting moment to me. Both the shortstop and the second baseman covered second during a steal attempt. Neither player gave way so the shortstop caught the ball and tagged the second baseman’s mitt. The runner should have been out, but was never tagged.

15. On the final day of the tournament Jeff Belge pitched what had to be the game of his life. He had a no-hitter going deep into the game, and his performance was huge. During game seven you expect to use a lot of pitchers as you have probably exhausted yours. Jeff was dominant and provided the opportunity for St. John’s to win the tournament. Here he is pumped up after another great inning of work.

14. After St. John’s won the tournament I stayed on the field for a while just looking for moments. I liked this one as head coach Ed Blankmeyer has some fun on FaceTime. I love these little moments that really are special.

13. Here Seton Hall shortstop Al Molina turns a huge double play against Butler on elimination Saturday. Seton Hall only won by one run, and this double play gave them two outs in the ninth inning. With a runner on third after this the fly ball hit would have scored the tying run most likely and with rain about ten minutes out we would have had a long delay in the press box. This was a huge play all around with the severe weather moving in fast.

12. I think that I like this photo so much because of all of the red. It just seems to work well for some reason. This was the second win for St. John’s in the tournament. I just liked this photo from the time that I made it.

11. I loved the outfield celebration for St. John’s. I captured this the first time that I saw it, and it was as good as I was going to get with it. It is a cool moment that shows some hops for the center fielder.

10. On the first night of the tournament late in the game the Butler catcher gunned a runner down at second base. Here middle infielder Zach Jarosz lets him know that he is the man. The simple gesture made for a cool photo.

9. This is the cliche photo that you make at the end of these tournaments. I love the emotion of the celebration though, and this makes the countdown for that reason. It is not often that you get to photograph these moments.

8. Here St. John’s catcher Wyatt Mascarella signals two outs to his fielders. I loved the light and the moment here. If you follow this blog then you know that I love making photos of catchers. They have always been my favorite player, and there were some good ones in Mason during the tournament.

7. Prasco park had a great shooting position where you could get a lot of defensive shots, and then move over to make these images right next to the dugout. This is the first of three of these moments that will make this countdown. It is great to be able to get so close to the pure joy after a big play.

6. I only broke out my 11-24mm lens a couple of times during the tournament, but it was worth it for sure. I love the way that it sets the scene during the anthem here.

5. Josh Shaw of St. John’s hit a big grand slam on championship Sunday that essentially gave the title to St. John’s. Here is is greeted by teammates as he returns to the dugout after the slam. This was a cool moment that was even more fun to capture. These are the reasons why I love tournament baseball so much.

4. I like this photo way more than most people do I think. I love the looks on the faces of the Butler players as the ball travels in the air. It would be the final out of their season, and they wanted to make sure that it did not fall. I don’t know why I love it so much, but I have since I made it.

3. This photo was made away from the main stadium. At Prasco park they have a great whiffle ball field that kids can play on. The fence in the background even allows for home runs. I love this photo because this is how things begin for most kids. You go from the pressures of the sandlot to the tournament that was happening next door.

2. From that same shooting position next to the dugout I made this photo of Jamie Galazin of St. John’s after he hit a home run in game one of the tournament. I loved this position before I made this shot, but I used the heck out of it after I made this shot. I don’t think that I did any better after this though.

  1. This was by far my favorite shot of the tournament. It has a lot going on in it, but it is also a simple picture. The ball arrived a little late and off during a steal attempt so the Georgetown player had to just over the base runner to catch it. The Hoyas only played two games in the tournament so I didn’t get to see them as much as some of the other teams. During that short time they played though they gave me one of my favorite baseball photos that I have made yet.

Honorable Mention

I would not feel right about this countdown if I did not provide a picture of the vehicle dispensing free ice cream all weekend. I said it many times during the tournament, but if you had told ten year old Dave that he would be getting paid for making baseball photographs and getting free ice cream he would not have believed you. It was a great bonus during a fun weekend.

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