Day One Of The Big East Baseball Tournament

22 Innings Of Fun On Day One Of The Big East Baseball Tournament

I knew that I was going to have a good time right away when I arrived at Prasco Park. It is not just because they have free ice cream, but that doesn’t hurt my opinion. Right off the bat I realized that everyone that I was working with was very easy going. That is enough to put you at ease and let you do your job. I didn’t realize just how long I would be doing my job though. The first game went according to plan. When the second game went to extras tied at one I knew that it could be a long night. When the score is tied at a higher number you know that both teams have the offense going. When it is a one all tie they are both struggling. It ended up being a great finish, but I will talk about that later.

The Beauty of Prasco Park

Prasco Park really is a great stadium. Until talk of this tournament I had never heard of this stadium. I wish that I had earlier. It has great shooting locations, and some that are just fun to try. The shot directly above was made from the second deck of a cool permanent stand built in right field. As this week goes on I look forward to finding new ways to show off this stadium.

St. John’s Wins Game One

To be honest this tournament is set up for St. John’s to win. They are the class of the league this year. Early on though Georgetown gave them a little scare, but the demeanor in the St. John’s dugout never changed. They were loose and they knew that they had runs coming. The runs did come, and St. John’s moved on in the winner’s bracket. As I write this it is at the end of day one. I feel that the best two teams in the tournament played in this game. That idea will be quickly tested though as on day two Georgetown plays the #2 seed Seton Hall.

Butler Gets The Win in Thirteen

This was a game that I thought would be all Seton Hall. I have seen Butler play a couple of times this season, and I was not really impressed. Of course I am no evaluator that is why I am a photographer. They played a gutsy game going toe to toe with the #2 seed in the tournament for 13 innings before getting the big hit in the final inning. Then they survived the bottom half of the inning to get the big win. They now will face St. John’s to start off day two. This was a great game with every pitch having some meaning. I was having trouble uploading photos in game because I didn’t want to miss the big play. Those are games that are fun to be a part of.

Using Your Background

At times I try and eliminate signs from my backgrounds. That is not always possible, but preferable. For some reason though at this level I usually try and put distracting elements in my backgrounds. I like some of the signage to be visible. Here at the Big East Tournament I worked to get as much Big East or stadium signage into my shots. They are markers that let you know when and where the game was played. The photo above is one of my favorites from the day showing off the Big East signage.

My Tournament Gear

I get a lot of questions about gear and settings. Maybe that is why I try and include some of the gear in my blog posts. I had a simple setup in mind for the tournament until I walked the grounds pregame. I quickly realized that with a very close shooting position I would have three cameras going at once. I had my Canon 1DX mounted on my 400mm lens for most of the day. I had my Canon 7D Mark II on my 70-200mm lens for the action closer to me. My Canon 24-105mm lens was on my Canon 5D Mark IV for all of the shots except for the couple of times that I felt that I needed to be wider. The photo directly above was made with my Canon 11-24mm lens on the 5D4. Very late in the game when the sun went down I made the decision to switch to just two cameras. I kept the 5D4 and the 24-104mm on my right side, but I put the Canon 1DX on the 70-200mm lens on the other side. I knew that in low light the photos from the 7D2 would start to fall apart. The decision helped me get the shots of the winning run scoring. The thing that makes the lens changes possible is my Think Tank belt system. On a day when I never know when I will get back to my gear in the press box I found a way to carry it with me. It really has changed how I shoot. Now they just need to make a pouch for the free ice cream and I will be set.

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