Day Two Of The Big East Baseball Tournament

Lots Of Runs Scored During Day Two Of The Big East Baseball Tournament

Day two of the Big East baseball tournament was far from a boring one. I myself enjoyed the 1-1 pitchers duel on Thursday night, but fans want to see runs. On Friday they got those runs as in the two games played 46 runs were scored. Of those 46 Seton Hall accounted for 21 of those runs. They obviously did not want to go home just yet. So far this tournament has been a fun one to photograph. Seeing 46 runs cross the plate in one day was interesting to say the least.

Seton Hall Wins Big To Stay Alive

By the time this post goes live another elimination game will have been played. In yesterday’s post I talked about the fact that Seton Hall did not look like the #2 seed in this tournament. I thought that Georgetown looked tougher. The Pirates looked very good on Friday winning 21-5. Every team has an off game, and maybe that was Thursday night for Seton Hall. It will be interesting to see if the bats can keep going as this tournament moves on.

St. John’s Gets The Win And A Day Off

In the nightcap Friday St. John’s grabbed a 12-8 win over Butler to clinch a spot in the Championship on Sunday. I still think that they are the team to beat in this thing. They seem to have the pitching and the bats to get it done. Now they can rest for a day while the other remaining teams have to play. Butler now has to face off against Seton Hall again on Saturday in an elimination game.

The Good Light

There is a sweet spot during the day when the light is just amazing. If things work out on Sunday the game should end just as this sweet spot is beginning. I have no rooting interest as far as teams go. As a photographer though I guess I would have to root for St. John’s to win it all because the celebration photos would be in this good light. If the Saturday winner also wins on Sunday to start the day then the Championship game will be played under the lights. It is not bad light, but it is not as striking as this late day light.

When Luck Meets Preparation

This is my favorite photo of the tournament so far. By the time this post goes live it will already be championship Sunday, and I will have had another game under my belt. I don’t know how I will beat this shot as far as action goes. I was on the runner at first base when he broke. If you follow the runner the umpire will get in the way, and your focus could grab the ump and blow the shot. This always happens at the last second so to avoid that I panned quickly over to the infielder covering the base. I saw him jump into the air as the runner approached, and I thought that this could be a cool shot. When I looked at my photo I realized just how cool it was. I love the anticipation in this photo. Later in the inning I made a similar photo, but the infielder was straight up. The way everything is compact here was something that I liked.

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