Day Three Of The MVC Track And Field Championships

Emotion Rules On Day Three Of The MVC Track And Field Championships

Yesterday was an interesting day. It was hot and humid. I probably came as close to getting heat stroke as you can without actually getting it. I had a sunburn on my arms and anywhere else the sun could touch, and I had a headache that followed me through the night. Saying all of that I would not change a thing during the day yesterday. As a photographer you live for emotional moments. They are what keeps the fire going. On Championship Sunday there were plenty of those to be had. These elite athletes train all year for this moment. The ecstasy of winning is amazing to see in person.

Getting Into the Moment

About halfway through the day I ran out to my car to make a couple of changes. I switched up the Canon 400mm lens for my Tamron 150-600mm lens. I also put my 11-24mm lens on my wide angle. I knew that I would need to be faster and more mobile as the finals were approaching. The 11-24mm lens lets me get right into the moment with the athletes to allow the person viewing the photo to be in the moment as well. As you can see above it let me do just that.

The Week In Photos

I have compiled all of my favorite photos from the week here on my Exposure page once again. Of course after three days in Terre Haute covering track and field that is what comprises most of the list. It is still fun to go back and relive my week every Sunday night. Take a look at my favorite photos from last week here.

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