Indiana State Softball Wins On Senior Day

Indiana State Gets The W On Senior Day

Indiana State closed out their 2018 home season Sunday with a win on senior day. The team had already clinched a spot in the MVC Tourney so now it was just about seeding and closing out the home season with a win. They mounted a great comeback to do just that. It was a fun game to photograph for sure. Another thing that made it fun was that my wife and daughter made the trip with me. It was fun to spend the day with them and show them a little bit about Sycamore Athletics.

Saying Goodbye To Kylie Stober

The lone senior on this ISU squad was Kylie Stober. She is a transfer from Minnesota that has been one of the players that is fun to photograph on the team. She always seems to be out front cheering her team on. This last weekend you saw a lot of that as she seemed to always be the first one off the bench to congratulate her teammates.

Same Gear Different Day

On Sunday I used the same setup as I did on Saturday for the doubleheader. I really did rely on my Canon 7D Mark II on my Canon 70-200mm lens much more though. It really gives me the perfect range for softball it seems. I don’t have any more softball on the schedule this year, but I think that I have my setup down for this sport.

Shooting The Fun

I don’t normally make a lot of photos of the opposing team. When I saw this Loyola player with a cool routine at second base though I could not help myself. I loved how she would grab some dirt as the pitcher was getting ready, and slowly let it go just before the pitch. It has to be a timing mechanism to get a good jump or something. Either way I thought that it was very interesting.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week photographing a lot of Sycamores. A big win in Indy followed by a fun weekend with a lot of emotion makes for a good week. You can view my favorite photos from the past week here.

A Somber Finish

I don’t think that I can write about things that happened in Terre Haute this weekend without mentioning the senseless death of Terre Haute police officer Rob Pitts. It is great how the community came together this past weekend, but awful that they had to. I really did not know Officer Pitts except for a few passing conversations. It is funny how those can stick with you though. I always want to thank those who are out there protecting us, but I always feel weird doing it. I really wish that I would have in this case. Over the past few years I have come to find  a great community in Terre Haute. It is hard to see them hurting like this.


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