Indiana State Softball Splits Doubleheader With Loyola

Indiana Splits Twinbill With Loyola To Clinch A Spot In The MVC Tournament

This has been a season of adjustment for Indiana State softball. They have had to adjust to a new coach as well as a crop of new freshman who are playing key roles. Their opponents have had to adjust as well. This is not the team the MVC thought they were getting when they were picked to finish last in the conference this season. This is a gritty team that can win at any time. They clinched their first tourney berth since 2015. That year the Sycamores won the MVC Tournament on their way to playing in the NCAA Tournament.

Gearing Up

Lately I have been trying to keep it simple with my gear, but softball is a sport that is better to cover with a little more gear. I really liked my 400mm shots the last time that I was at Price Field. My 400mm lens was mounted on my Canon 1DX for the entire weekend. I was having some fun getting up close and personal with that combination. I had my Canon 70-200mm lens mounted on my Canon 7D Mark II body as well. That effectively gave me a 112-320mm lens. For most of the time that was kind of the workhorse. My Canon 5D Mark IV paired nicely with my Canon 24-105mm lens as well for the up close pregame photos. I also made some general shots of the stadium throughout the games with that combo. Each combination had its purpose, and it was fun to change up what I was doing as the games moved on.

Heading To The Outfield

During the second game of the doubleheader I made my way to the outfield to get some shots of the batters from that viewpoint. It is a fun shot, but works especially well at Indiana State where you have the nice clean background. It is fun to get a different vantage point on the action. It doesn’t hurt that the new apparel sponsor is very visible as well.

The Week In Photos

After a week away from sports it was nice to get back into the swing of things this week. It started with an Indiana State baseball win at Victory Field, and ended with an Indiana State softball win at Price Field. It was a fun week in photography that you can see here.

The Importance Of A Good Photo Early

I always talk about making a good photo early and how it can help dictate how your day goes. Knowing you have a fun photo already in the can makes the rest of the day easy. Here I made one that I really liked right off the bat in the dugout. The rest of the day was spent trying to make something better. Those are the good days.


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