Top 18 Photos From the 2017-2018 Xavier Basketball Season

My Eighteen Favorite Photos From the 2017-2018 Xavier Men’s Basketball Season

This was the first year that I was able to photograph the Xavier men’s basketball season for the team. It started with their Musketeer Madness pre season event, and then ended in the NCAA Tournament. This was a fun team to photograph, and I was lucky enough to be at a couple of very cool moments. Here are my eighteen favorite images from a fun season.

18. We will start the countdown where the season did. Musketeer Madness was a fun event where the team got to meet the fans, and then play an exhibition. It was here where I first learned just how much of a personality Tyrike Jones. had. Here his aviators give me a glimpse at the young man getting his autograph. This was a fun picture from a fun day.

17. During March Madness I was able to photograph Bill Murray. What a cool bucket list item to check off. I had some closer shots of him from pregame, but I liked this one because is just illustrates the fact that he always seems to stand out from the crowd.

16. At the end of 2017 I travelled up to Milwaukee to see Xavier open their Big East season against Marquette. They got the first of what would be many Big East wins on the season on their way to the Big East title. Here was one of the punctuation marks of that game.

15. One player that I wish that I could have photographed more was J.P. Macura. He plays the game hard, but that translates to amazing photographs. He was the kind of guy that would will his team to the win.

14. This is the tip off of the final game of the season. I liked the idea of getting the tip with the logo on the court. Being the second shooter allowed me the freedom to break away to make the picture. 

13. Here Quentin Goodin puts up a shot against Florida State in the NCAA Tournament. I loved making pictures on the big stage as you have so many great photographers around you. If you ever need a measuring stick to see just where you are then that is the place to see.

12. Trevon Blueiett was another player that was fun to cover. I shot a couple of milestones for him as he moved up the Xavier career list. Here he puts a move on a Marquette defender to get himself a little space.

11. Paul Scruggs is a reason to have a lot of hope for this Xavier team in the future. They have some young components like this freshman who will be ready to continue the success of this season. Here Paul scores a hard layup in the regular season finale against DePaul.

10. After the Marquette game I was supposed to get a photo of Coach Mack in the post game interview. I made the standard photo, and then tried for something a little more. At the end of the day I liked this version much more.

9. More Tyrique Jones in this countdown. Here he flexes his muscles after a big shot against Marquette. He is a fun guy to photograph because you never have to guess what he is thinking. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, and that photographs well.

8. Being with Xavier this year got me back to the NCAA Tournament. As a photographer that is where you want to be in March. They believe in what I can do, and that means a lot to me Here the seniors address the media on the practice day.

7. Here is another hard nosed bucket by senior J.P. Macura. Man he plays the game hard, and I just want to say again how much I wish that I could photograph him more. That hard nosed play makes for great photos.

6. The countdown continues with another Tyrique Jones celebration shot. Here he celebrates a big bucket in the NCAA Tournament. He is only in his second year so I hope that means that I have many more of these shots to make over the course of the next couple of years.

5. Before the second round game against Florida State I hung out in the locker room with the managers. As they prepped the jerseys I made this photo. At the time I thought it would be part of a bigger triumphant photo story. As it turns out it was the last time that these jerseys would hang in the locker room.

4. These two photos could be titled Kanter meets the media. At the NCAA Tournament I made a couple of photos of Kerem Kanter speaking with the media. The one directly above was made on media day as Kerem talked to one outlet. The first photo above was made after the Muskies first round win. I like the way that the cameras lead you to Kerem, and the lights from the cameras give him a look that sets him apart.

3. This was a photo that I liked in color, but the black and white treatment just seems to work better. A triumphant Trevon Bluiett leaves the court after the first round win against Texas Southern. The building did not have a lot of March Madness signage on it, but I found a big here a ways down from the Xavier locker room.

2. A little prep and a lot of luck went into making this photo. I had this idea for a hero shot for Trevon as he was announced at Musketeer Madness. I ran back a couple of players before him to see if it would even work. I thought it could be a cool photo, but when he raised his finger I knew that it was a good photo. For most of the season I thought that this would be number one on the countdown.

  1. When Xavier celebrating winning a share of the Big East title at home I thought that I had missed out on the celebration photos. Xavier beat DePaul to win the Big East conference outright. As Coach Chris Mack was headed back to the locker room the team came up with the idea to give him a water shower. This is another photo with a lot of luck behind it. Just the fact that I was in Chicago that day to photograph the game was very lucky to me. I am glad that I was there though, and I was able to capture this moment.

So there are my favorite images from this past Xavier basketball season. Working with Xavier is part of the reason that I had more fun this year than I have in past years. I look forward to next basketball season to see what fun that will bring.


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