Indiana State at Southern Illinois

Indiana State Opens Up The Final Weekend Of The Regular Season At Southern Illinois

Last night I made the drive down to Southern Illinois to see the Indiana State women’s basketball team one more time this season. It has been a pleasure to photograph them this season as they have turned the season around. They had a rough start to the season, and their coach was let go. They then rallied to finish in the top half of the conference and earn a first round bye in the MVC tournament.

Shooting On The Road

This year I have shot on the road more than any other year. That is not including that my ‘home’ games are two hours away from me. Indiana State built money into the budget for me to follow them around and that is a good thing. They really do value photography in a way it seems a lot of colleges do not right now. Video seems to be king right now, and I don’t see many schools that send photographers on the road. I love shooting in new places. It is fun to walk into an arena and figure out things that you could do with the stadium. Depending on how events unfold today here in St. Louis I may have one more road game to shoot this year.

SIU Arena

One draw to shoot the game last night was to see SIU Arena in person. I love these basketball arenas built in the 60’s. This season I have photographed at a few new arenas, and I love to find the little things that make each place home for their respective teams. They do a great job of remembering the past here. I found many pictures of Bruce Weber hanging up all around the stadium in one form or another. I never did see any young Matt Painter photos though.

What Day Is It? And What Am I Doing Today?

As I write this it is Friday morning, but my internal clock has been telling me that it is Saturday all morning so far. When your season has had women’s basketball on Friday for the entire season you start to mark time that way. A Thursday game on the last weekend of the season already has me messed up, and this weekend is just starting. My schedule really is dependent on what the Indiana State men’s team does tonight. If they win I stay in St. Louis and I get to tour the city a little more tomorrow. If they do not win then it is an early morning drive up to Chicago for a Xavier doubleheader. No matter what I think that the week in photos that comes out probably Monday morning will have plenty of content. This blog may write itself for the next week or so. Okay I have to go and explore the city a little now.


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