Let The Madness Begin!

Arch Madness Begins Today!

It is funny how things work out sometimes. A couple of years ago all I wanted to do was photograph the Big Ten Women’s Tournament. That did not happen though, and I was a little bummed out about it. Then a unique opportunity came up. That was to photograph Indiana State in the MVC Tournament. What I quickly found out when I got there was just how cool ArchMadness really was. It is now something that I look forward to every year. That is one thing that I have quickly learned in photography. You get beat down a lot. If you sit there and dwell on the beat down then you will not get anywhere. By opening myself up to a new opportunity I was rewarded with a lot of great opportunities over the last couple of years. I have expanded my view outside of the town that I live in.

What To Expect This Weekend

This weekend will be an interesting one for sure. As of this writing I have some options ahead of me. The best case scenario is that I stay with Indiana State until Sunday afternoon. That would be a wild and rewarding ride. If that does not pan out I have another opportunity that would be pretty cool as well. No matter what this weekend is sure to be filled with some fun tournament basketball. Indiana State went a long way to make sure that I stay in St. Louis longer by getting the first round bye. A little 2016 magic against Illinois State would get me to Saturday, and from there I think it is a coin flip as to what can happen.


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