Indiana State Battles Loyola

Sycamores Put Up A Fight Against League Leading Loyola

Man this Sycamores team is fun to watch. They have their moments as well, but they have some pieces that when they all come together form a great basketball team. Some of that was on display yesterday as the Sycamores led for a lot of the ballgame before eventually falling to the league leader. There are some pieces here that could make a run in March. I truly believe that. If you have seen Jordan Barnes shoot then you would believe that too.

Down The Tunnel

I don’t sit outside the ISU locker room too often, but yesterday seemed like a good day. I had the 17-40mm on my lens so I could get a little wider and play with all of the lines down the hallway. This is a fun way to give the fans a little behind the scenes look at the team.

Going Wide

With three games in three days the shots all start to look the same at some point. I started changing up my gear today to stop that from happening. I took a wide angle in to get a little different look. I love the way that everything leads to the middle of the photo here. I will have to really change things up today to make some shots that look different than what I made Friday night for the women’s team.


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