Smoke On The Tundra

Stopping For a Quick Photo

I made this photo a few weeks ago on the way home from Indiana State. The night before I noticed how cool this smoke was coming out of the smoke stack. I should have stopped that night for a long exposure. I did not because it was below zero out, and I was just trying to get home. I regretted that so on my way home the next day I was aware of the area during golden hour. I knew that no matter how cold it was I would stop to make a photo.

Playing With The Scene

Even though the temperature was around zero I still made a few photos of the scene. The first was the one that you see at the top of the post. The second composition was the one above. I was trying to use that blue sky as much as I could in one, and then in the photo that I knew would be converted to black and white I used the sky even more. For this second composition I wanted to leave the source of the smoke up for grabs. I intentionally only put the tip of the stack in the photo and let the dead space fill the frame. Which one of these is your favorite?


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