The #3 Purdue Boilermakers Defeat Wisconsin

Purdue Basketball Wins Big On T-Shirt Night

Last night was the annual t-shirt game for Purdue basketball. It is one of my favorite nights to make images of Mackey Arena. The pattern is well thought out, and looks great. The photo above was actually a miracle in the making. I left for the stadium twenty minutes before game time. Somehow I made it from the girls dance class in Lafayette, parked, and walked down the hill to Mackey Arena in very good time. Instead of using the media entrance I ran in the fans entrance because I could hear the home team being announced. I pulled out my camera in time to photograph the final introduction, and I was able to get into position to photograph the tip. I would have liked to have picked a better place to be, but those are the breaks sometimes. I still like the image for what it is.

Going For Simplicity

Last night I only used one camera and three lenses. For me that is some kind of a miracle. The wide shots from pregame were made with my Canon 11-24mm lens. I have been wanting to try this lens out at Mackey for a while now, and I finally made time to do it. I have one other idea for it, but that will have to be done at another time. For most of the first half I found a baseline seat on the Wisconsin side to photograph from. I just used my Canon 24-105mm lens for those shots. It is not as fast as I have been shooting this year, but it gave me a wide range. Near the end of the first half I moved to the side of the court and shot with my 70-200mm lens. It gave me some nice close ups of the action. In the second half I used my 11-24mm lens the entire time that I was there. I was going for a picture, and since I was not shooting for anyone I could gamble a bit. It was nice not to have too much gear on me for once. Of course that will all change again this weekend when I travel back down to Indiana State.


During one of the TV timeouts the Purdue Cheer squad was recognized for their recent National Championship win. It was nice to see them recognized for their accomplishment. They put in just as much work as the athletes, and this time it paid off big time for them.

At The Half

I stayed on the court at the half with the intention of editing some photos to get that out of the way. I ended up watching most of the halftime show. As this man stood there with a six foot ladder on his chin while at the top of another large ladder I decided that it needed a photo made of the moment. I have a high ceiling fan in our living room. I know exactly who we are going to call when the light bulbs need changed!

From The Side

I really don’t have a floor spot at Purdue games so I usually end up on the side of the action. I really think that the best spot to shoot a game from is just under the basket out to the free throw line. The game really opens up to you there, and you can make some great shots. With that not an option I like to just play with my location. Most plays that happen here you get a mass of bodies in between you and the ball. At times like this though you get a nice photo. I have one idea for this spot that I have been thinking about for a while now. I will have to give it a try next season when Purdue is playing a lesser opponent.

Get Low

While I was on the baseline I was having some fun putting my camera on the ground. I was still using it, but from that level. After you use a camera for a while you know exactly where you are pointing it (most of the time!) so this seems to work out well. I really like this shot of Vince Edwards shooting from the other end of the court. You get the great t-shirt design in the photo as well as a cool reflection on the floor. I would do this more during the season, but it works best with fans in the stands.


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