Icebergs On The Wabash

Photographing Ice On The Wabash

Saturday afternoon while coming back from the zoo I noticed some ice floating down the Wabash River. It looked so cool making its trip down the river that I decided that I would pack up the drone when we got home to head down there. I parked in a wide open parking lot and took my quadcopter up over the Wabash. This really is a cool view of the river if you ever get the chance. I played around for a while trying to find a good place to make my photo. I didn’t want any distractions in the photo, but rather just the ice coming by. I found a good spot, and then I waited for something interesting to pass under me. I tried to hunt down the good compositions, but I realized that if I just waited they would come to me. If this cold spell last for much longer the river will become filled with more and more ice until it closes off some portions of it if not all of it. I may re-visit this idea later in the week. No matter what it was fun to get the quadcopter out for the first time this year.

Two Ways To Edit

I had two thoughts with my river photos. One was to take all of the color out like I did above with the first photo of the post. The second idea was to use a filter to give the water a more tropical look. Just by taking out most of the color and then adjusting the white balance you can make the water a little more blue. If you have never seen the Wabash River then I must tell you that it is an ugly brown. The name actually means ‘clear river’, but it is far from clear. There are times when I refrain from photographing it because of the color. Here I knew that I would be able to mess around with it in post. At first I liked this edit more, but as time went on I liked the Ansel Adams type black and white photo the best. What do you think?

The Week In Photos

Last week was a light week for me as far as photography goes. Weather stepped in and cancelled a couple of shoots for me on the sports side, but I spent more time at home which is always good. Here is my weekly look back at my favorite photos that I made last week.


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