Indiana State Opens Up The MVC Season With A Win Over Valparaiso

Indiana State Starts the MVC Season Off Right With a Win

Thursday night Indiana State opened up the Missouri Valley Conference with a win over Valley newcomer Valparaiso. It was a hard fought win, but as Coach Lansing said after the game that’s what made it so much fun after the game. This is a good Sycamore team that could make some noise in St. Louis come March. Photographing ISU games is always fun, but they are so much more fun when the Sycamores win.

Enjoying Basketball

If you follow this blog then you know that I really have never enjoyed photographing basketball for long stretches. I am excited to photograph it when the season starts, and then I start to fall off after a bit. When March Madness comes around the excitement level peaks again. I think that is because you are confined to a space in basketball without the ability to move around. This year I have had some fun trying to change my view with different lenses and ideas, and that has made the basketball season fun for me. I am actually looking forward to late December games.

Going To The Dogs

This is the second time this season that I have seen the K9 Crew Dog Disc Team perform at a halftime show. The first time was at Purdue, and they were great fun to watch. This show was just as good. Maybe I am looking at it through the filter of my dog, and what these dogs do are so much cooler. My dog did get a frisbee for Christmas so maybe we can both start a new line of work.

The Thrill of Victory

When I parked at the stadium I was forced to use the secondary lot because the main media lot was full. That is a good thing as it means more eyes on Indiana State basketball. As I was walking to the stadium I thought that the last time I parked in that lot the Sycamores beat Butler and I made a great picture in the locker room. Maybe that was still buried in my mind after the game as I went into the Indiana State locker room. I was looking for a moment, and luckily that moment came to me. This is pure emotion, and the reason that what I do is so much fun.


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