Christmas In Downtown Lafayette

Christmas Comes To Downtown Lafayette

Last week while driving across the Union St. bridge I saw this large Christmas tree in downtown Lafayette. I made a mental note to come back and see what it is all about. Right now Lafayette is just coming out of a big overhaul. Most of the streets and sidewalks downtown are or have been worked on. Of course the controversial bank is also going up as we speak. I found this quiet scene after walking across the pedestrian bridge. I would have liked to have been there about a half an hour earlier, but it was already pretty dark when I showed up.

A Closer Look

On the scene I was all about using all 24mm of the lens that I had on my camera. Once I got back home and started editing the photo I realized that I wanted to see more detail in the middle of the frame. Most of the outside of the frame was boring. I was shooting at ISO 100 so cropping in would not give me too much noise. I cropped the photo at the top of the post to make the photo that you see above. What do you think? Is the wider angle better? Do you like the cropped version better?

The Best Time to Photograph Christmas Lights

When I first started taking my photograph seriously I would drive around well after dark to photograph Christmas lights. At that point the lights really looked great to my eyes. Of course my camera has nowhere near the technology that my eyes do. I quickly realized that the best time to photograph Christmas lights is at blue hour. An issue with getting our bill at a local restaurant put me behind, and cost me this chance to get my photo. The great thing about photography though is that you get another chance tomorrow. I like this photo, but I think that it could be even better.


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