Purdue Beats IU To Reclaim The Old Oaken Bucket

The Bucket Returns Home To Purdue

Yesterday was the most excited that I have been for a Purdue home game for a long time. In fact I turned down a paying job to shoot this game for free. Not the best idea in my situation, but I wanted to shoot the game. Saturdays are best spent at Ross Ade Stadium. Earlier this season I woke up in a hotel on the road and heard a train go by. Of course it was not the Boilermaker Special, but that is what I associate with gameday. I thought that it was pretty funny, but that is what it is. It was cool to be part of a big gameday on campus again. Of course winning makes it even better. Beating Indiana makes it much better. Being around the jubilant players hoisting the bucket makes it amazing, and seeing the signs about a return to a bowl makes for a great day on campus. It is really amazing just how far this team has come in a short time. They have exceeded even my optimistic expectations. I have seen people commenting on how the fans should not have rushed the field. I disagree. Purdue football needs a little fun around it. Right now it is fun. Why not celebrate with the fans. The players deserved that moment, and it was great that they got it.

Feeling Strong During Warmups

I talk about it too much here, but I love to shoot warm ups. It gives me a chance to get the juices flowing. For this game I hung out around the running backs for a while. As the drills were coming to a close DJ Knox flexed his muscles. I already had a good feeling about the game, but that was the moment when I realized that this crew would not be denied.

A Great Move

Purdue started the game with the ball and was forced to punt. I moved to a spot in the middle of the field next to the goal posts to make some defensive pictures since they would be so close to me. Purdue immediately picked the ball off. When they did I made a quick move to the edge of the field. Purdue scored right in front of me, and I was able to make the above photo of the celebration with my new 24-105mm lens. I love this photo, and I was glad that I made the right decision. It does not always work out so when it does it makes that much better.

Have A Day Markell!

Markell Jones is a great running back. We saw that last year. Yesterday he grinned out 217 yards on a day when he was needed. I realized that I really did not have a stellar photo of him yet in the 4th quarter so I moved over to the sideline with the hope that he would run right at me. After a couple of runs away from me Markell came right at me. I was able to make a photo that I liked.

It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane!

As the second quarter was winding down it looked like Purdue might attempt a Hail Mary pass. I ran to the side of the field to make that picture. Of course Purdue ran the ball, and DJ Knox had a lot of open ground in front of him. The non shooters on the side of the field like to lean out so I did not see him right away. When I did though I saw a defender coming up to tackle him. I did not expect DJ to try and go over him, but he did. I was a little close to the play, but I was able to get him at the apex of his jump.

The Joy Of Victory

I love these types of photos. I probably missed my chance at a good bucket shot by making this picture, but I am glad that I made it. It is one of those things that just happens, and you are thrilled when it does in front of you. This is a senior enjoying the moment as the fans rushed the field to celebrate with him.

More Photos From the Game

That was a fun game to photograph! You can view my full gallery of images from the game here on my website. I have already put out my top photos from the Indiana State football season, but I will gladly hold off on my Purdue post. Thanks to the win yesterday I have a little hope that my football season is not over. I don’t know how I will get in to shoot the game, but I will try and find a way.


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