Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop

Biking With the Best

You wouldn’t know it to look at me know, but I used to bike a lot. In fact my road bike is probably stuck to the floor in the basement because it has sat there so long. It is always a thrill though to come to Austin and see the bike shop that Lance Armstrong built. He has an amazing story, and was one of the most successful racers in a long time. You can say what you want about PED’s, but at that time in that sport it seems like everyone was doing it. That does not make it right, but I still feel that he was the best at that time. The first picture that I made in Austin during this past visit was this one with my phone. I had just stepped out of the cab, and had this great view in front of me. Who could resist?

Simplifying The Workload

I had a good week last week making pictures everyday. This week though I have really slowed my photography down a bit. With no paying gigs in the middle of the week I stepped away from shooting a couple of events for fun. It is no slight to anyone, but more a mindset of trying to take a break from editing. Last week I pushed a bunch of photos through my computer, and this weekend I will do it again. In between all of that comes a time of cataloging and storing those photos. Today as this should post I will be in the middle of a private shoot. Then at night I have a basketball game in Indy followed by the NCAA Cross Country Championships in Louisville. All of that is data that must be backed up and sorted. Do you ever pull back a bit when you are in a busy spell? It seems to be a trend with me that has carried over to this week. With that in mind that is why you see a shot from the archives today.


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