A Simple Sunset

Stepping Out To Photograph the Sunset

Last night I was packing a bag to head to a basketball game down the road that I would never attend when I saw a ray of light in the sky. After a rainy day it was a welcome sight, and I knew that there would be a rainbow somewhere. I stepped out of my front door to make the photo that you see above. The clouds were amazing, and they were flying through the sky allowing for many compositions if you just had the patience. I tried a few out before the light faded. I used to always need a large scale sunset photo to share with you. I have come to realize that these little micro shots can be interesting too. I didn’t have the foreground for the epic shot so I took what I was given.

A Failed Drone Attempt

I really have not been flying the drone much lately so I thought the beautiful sky was a great opportunity to take it for a spin. After letting it warm up I took it up in the air. Once it got above our house the wind grabbed a hold of it. On the ground the wind did not look too bad, but in the air it was tough. It really seemed like it was going to take my drone and run off with it. I quickly got it back down in a safe spot in the yard. Before I went up I always go through things to do it the takeoff does not go as planned. I rarely have to act on these things, but this time the extra prep allowed for me to land safely.


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