Purdue Women’s Basketball Opens Their Home Season

Getting Ready For the 2017-2018 Season

Sunday afternoon I just got home from Indy when I decided to head to Mackey Arena to see the Purdue Boilermakers play their lone exhibition against St. Francis. When I moved back from Iowa in 2005 I bought season tickets to Purdue women’s basketball just for the John Purdue Club points. I quickly fell in love with the style of play, and I then rarely missed a game. For some reason the last couple of years I have had many conflicts on the days that they play so I have not seen much of the team. In fact I was surprised by all of the faces that I did not recognize when they came onto the floor. I need to make it to more games this year so that I can get to know this team.

The Band Takes the Floor

One of the best parts of the Purdue women’s basketball gameday is how into the game the Gold and Black Sound (GABS) is. I used to get to the games early just to watch their pregame stretch. It is fun, and they keep the fun going for the entire game. I made this photo just as the tuba section was about to take the court prior to the game.

The Week In Photos

My weekly collection of my favorite photos actually started because of Purdue women’s basketball. I would make an Exposure page after a game, but only a handful of people would take a look at it. It was a lot of work with very little payoff. I still wanted to show off some of the images so the week in photos was born. Once again they make it in as I near the 100th iteration of it. You can see my favorite photos from last week here. This coming week will have a few sports thrown in the collection of photos. Soccer Wednesday followed by cross country, basketball, and football over the weekend. If I can get out of football in time I will also have roller derby photos to share. Thinking about all of that makes my hard drive cringe, but I like the idea of getting a lot in this weekend. That is how it always should be.

More Photos From The Game

You can find my full gallery from the game here. I was really having fun shooting basketball again, and I think that it showed in my results. I try not to step on too many toes posting my gallery as I don’t see it as competition for the guys getting paid to shoot the game, but rather a supplement. I try and sit away from them so that I have a different view of the game. It never hurts to have a game covered from a couple of angles.

A Great Half

Having been out of town all weekend I really needed to get some stuff done so I only stayed for the first half of the game. It was a great half, and by the score I knew that fan favorite Abby Abel would play in the second half. That was a temptation to stay, but in the end I made my exit. I did so though knowing that this was the first of many games this season that I would attend. I will adjust my schedule to make that happen.


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