Ben Folds, Paper Airplanes, and the Murat Theatre

Ben Folds Visits Indianapolis

Saturday we were in Indianapolis to see Ben Folds play live. Ben’s music will sometimes accompany my edits as they are great songs to sit back and chill out to. When I saw he was coming to Indianapolis I was excited. When my football game that I was supposed to cover was no longer a paying gig I decided to treat myself and my wife to the show. It was a fun night out on the town, and a great way to blow off some steam. The Ben Folds crowd is a musical one for sure. At one point I thought he paid a choir to help him sing. I realized that it was just the crowd behind me signing. Well done everyone! I obtained from singing as to allow everyone to enjoy the show.

Checking Out The Soundcheck

Part of the ticket plan was a chance to watch the soundcheck live. This was a cool experience, and a chance to see Ben in a more intimate setting. It was just a few people watching, and we were able to get up close to see him in action. Some of the stories that he told made that short experience a fun one worth seeing just by itself.

Paper Airplanes Spell Out Our Night

The second half of the show was a fun exercise as the songs were chosen by Ben when he picked up paper airplanes that the audience threw up onto the stage. It was fun to see how he reacted to a song, and how quickly the audience recognized it. This was a great idea to take a huge catalog and allow the fans to pick your set for you.

Taking In Some Art

Part of refreshing the batteries for me includes getting inspired. I always try and visit new art museums to expose myself to as much art as I can. Music is another great way to express yourself. Seeing a great artist like Ben is inspiring itself, and it makes me want to keep going. His music is one that I play while editing so it was nice to just sit back and watch him for a while.

Falling For Tall Heights

The opening act of the night was a band named Tall Heights. Listening to them I had the thought that they won’t be opening for others for very long. They were fantastic. I will be watching them to see where they end up next. It seems like it would be hard to keep this kind of a talent down for long.

Bringing the Canon G16 Out Of Retirement

I did not make many photos during the show. I didn’t even try during the opening act. I just wanted to sit back and enjoy it. When the light was right though I did make some photos of Ben Folds doing his thing. I brought my trusty Canon G16 to the show knowing that I would be able to get it into the theatre, and that it would do alright in the low light. I still found myself wanting better gear, but if I had that I would have just shot the show instead of enjoying it.

The Week In Photos

This concert and the trip to Indy is a part of this weeks collection of my favorite photos. I have done this for almost 100 weeks now, and it is still fun to put together. You can see some of my favorite photos from last week here.


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