Purdue Football Takes On Nebraska

Pregame Fun

After I shot the basketball game Saturday afternoon I really didn’t have anywhere to go in between the games so I just walked over the football field to make some photos. At the time just a few Boilers were on the field, and after a while only Nebraska players were there. I saw a Cornhusker player blowing bubbles so of course I concentrated on him. I always wonder what a player thinks as I focus on him or her for a while while I wait for the moment. I am sure it is not comfortable to them. Then again they might not even know that I am doing it.

Feeling Like An Outsider

This has been a crazy year in a way for me. I had shot eight games in seven different stadiums before I finally made it to Ross Ade Stadium. That is far too long, but that is the way that it has worked out this year. Very quickly I realized that everything had changed during warm ups. My normal spot to start was in the middle of the Nebraska warm ups. The field was flipped, and like a newbie I was standing on the wrong end. It was then that I realized that in a way I was. Once the game started though it was back to normal as that never really changes.

For Joe

This was my first Purdue game since the passing of Coach Joe Tiller. Joe is the reason that I am the Purdue fan that I am today. His teams were so much fun to watch that I really became a Purdue fan as a student. It was bittersweet to see the tribute on the Purdue helmet alongside the tribute for Bob DeMoss. A great addition to the new south end zone project would be the Joe Tiller statue.

Racing Legends

It was really fun to finally see the Purdue legends race in between the first and second quarter. This was my first chance to photograph Leroy Keyes, Bob Griese, Drew Bree’s, and Rod Woodson battling it out. This is a fairly simple concept, but one that adds to the fan experience. This is one of those little things that added all together have really changed the Purdue gameday. The university has really stepped it up the last few years. I can’t wait for the future.

Worship The Man

Richie Worship had a heck of a game Saturday night. He is a beast that is not easy to take down. A lot of my favorite pictures from the game had Worship in them. He is fun to photograph, and over the last couple of years has given me some great moments to photograph. He ended up getting away from the defenders in the photo above to gain a few more yards. 

Up In The Air

I left the game with Purdue up 24-12 at the very start of the 4th quarter. In this age of social media it is hard not to find out the final scores of games, but for this blog I will end the game right there. I saw a fun team on the field at Ross Ade Stadium again, and that means a lot to me. The wins will come. I have no doubt about that.

Purdue vs. Nebraska Photo Gallery

There are times that I question why I take so many pictures at these games. I am just shooting for myself, and besides the few dozen people reading this blog nobody will ever see them. I really love making pictures of Purdue though so that makes it worth it to me. I stayed much longer than I was wanting to because I was having so much fun. You can see some of my favorite photos from the game here. The gallery is unlocked so you can use the photos for any non-commercial purpose as long as you give credit to me.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun one. I shot three events, and all of them were on the campus of Purdue. I could get used to that commute. Only one of those events were for money, but I needed to get out and photograph some Purdue events again. We are also in full on Halloween mode at our house so costumed photos are always fun. You can see some of my favorite photos from a fun week of photography here.


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