Purdue Soccer Clinches a Berth in the Big Ten Tournament

Purdue Beats Maryland 2-0 To Clinch A Berth In The Big Ten Tournament

Wednesday night the Purdue soccer team did something that they have not yet done at Folk Field. They clinched a berth in the Big Ten soccer tournament. I went to the game with the thought of capturing the sunset. I did not take my big lens because there was already a photographer there, and I didn’t want to be tempted to just shoot a game for no real reason. With just some wide angles and a  slow 100-400mm I had a pretty easy time photographing. Just wait until something comes close to me in the good light. That is a fun little outing even if the temperatures were a little cold. After the game was over I spent a little time watching the Nebraska game against Minnesota. If Minnesota won then Purdue would play at Northwestern, and I have always wanted to shoot there. I love the complex on Lake Michigan. We will see if that is a possibility.

Build A New Trophy Case Maddy Williams

Before the game senior Maddy Williams was given three balls commemorating three career records set during the last away stretch. It was a cool moment that in one photo could show you just how much she has accomplished. Of course during the game Maddy scored the only two goals of the game. The first of those set a new Purdue single season goal record. More hardware to come for Maddy.

Extra Special Light

In the hour or so leading up to the game there was some amazing clouds in the sky. I thought that they could produce a great sunset so I made my way out to Folk Field. As I was driving there those clouds moved out quickly leaving a pretty blank sky. That is usually not good for sunset photography. I decided that since I was there I would wait for the sun to go down and then reassess my situation. There still was some nice light in the sky so I made a few photos. The new Purdue Extra Special made for a good foreground element here. Folk Field seems to always have the best sunsets on campus. This one was extra special.


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