Alton Brown Visits Purdue University

Alton Brown Brings His Show to Purdue University

After a long weekend of travel I spent Sunday with the family. The day was spent getting ready for halloween in various ways. We did take a break from all of that though to go and see Alton Brown at the Elliot Hall of Music. My wife is a big fan of the Food Network, and one of the shows that I enjoy watching with her is Cutthroat Kitchen. It is the humor of Alton Brown that makes the show worth watching. I was excited to see him in person. As he was closing the kids had to use the bathroom so while they were in there with the wife I took the opportunity to make this photo from the side of the hall. I love this look in Elliot, and I may use it a bit too much, but it tells a lot in one picture.

Learning About Food And Science

The show was a lot about food and also the science behind the food. It really was a great show for the whole family from start to finish. It really is a great way for everyone to learn as there is enough humor for you to feel entertained all while learning something new. If Alton is coming to a city near you I would highly recommend the show for the whole family.

Out With A Bang

After making so many images over a three day span I really did not plan on making too many Sunday. Of course the pumpkin patch is a great place to make photos so I made a few there. I took my camera to the show thinking that maybe some of the trees on campus were changing. They were not, but I made a few photos that I liked on the trip. You can view all of my favorite photos from the week here on my Exposure page.


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