Fall In The Back Bay

Taking In A Fall Day In The Back Bay Of Boston

On my last day in Boston I went for a long walk to try and see as much as I could of the city. I walked into the old town for a while and then made my way down the Charles to see the crew race going on. During that walk I made this photo along one of the walking paths. I always love a good reflection shot, and there were plenty to choose from here. Boston is a great city I would guess if you are a photographer. In my few days there I saw a lot worth photographing.

Getting Better At Getting Closer

One thing that I need to get better at as a photographer is getting closer to my subject. Here I obviously could not zoom with my feet unless I wanted to get wet. I was at the 24mm end of my 24-105 though. I think a tight shot of just the middle portion of this photo would have been pretty awesome looking at it today. I like to stay at the wide end of my zooms too much sometimes. I have been working on getting in closer at times as well.

Vote For My Photo In The MiLBY’s!

Once again a photo of mine is up for the photo of the year in the MiLBY’s. Looking through the photos this year it is just cool to be mentioned with some of these photographers. Two years ago thanks to all of you I was able to win. You can vote here this year for my photo of Yoan Moncada signing for the fans in Indy. Yoan was the #1 prospect in baseball at the time, and was on his way from the Charlotte Knights up to the Chicago White Sox. It is cool to be honored, but even cooler to have a photo of someone on your favorite team get honored.

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