The West Lafayette Red Devil Football Team Wins Big On Senior Night

Back Under The Friday Night Lights

This season I had not shot a single high school football game this season. I love high school football, but the schedule just hasn’t worked out until last night. Last year volleyball really seemed to take up my Friday nights, but this year it has been a travel day more than anything. I am glad that I was able to make it to at least one game this year. This was a pretty good one as you had a little bit of everything. You had a senior ceremony, a great entrance at sunset, a big win, and a little trophy time at the end.

A Familiar Player

While shooting the game I realized that I had a lot of images of Red Devil quarterback Luke Touloukian. On this blog I talk about how sometimes the player of the game is easy to tell as he is all over my gallery. Luke had that kind of night last night. It was good to see the senior end the regular season at home on a high note. He used to play basketball with my nephew so I have photographed him for a long time now. It was cool to make a few football images of him.

A Cool Runout

I had an idea for the runout just before the players took the field. I had my speed light with a warm gel on it, and I thought that I would pan with the players with the gel on my camera. I didn’t want to waste the sunset though so I took two cameras to my spot that I picked out. The first was my Canon 1DX with the 11-24mm lens on it. That made the sunset photo at the top of the post. As the players started to run out I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark IV to make my motion photo. I had the camera set up to shoot at 1/15th of a second, with the white balance set to tungsten, and the warm gel on my flash in the hot shoe. All of that combined for a few interesting photos. I need to try this again this season when I am just concentrating on it.

Patience Pays Off

I went to the game to photograph the son of my daughters teacher. He plays right guard on the team, and that is not the easiest position to capture. In the fourth quarter a little luck came my way. He chipped off a lineman, and headed to the second level. He met a linebacker head on right in front of me. I had my photo that I came for. All I needed in reality was a fill flash on the jersey of the linebacker to make this perfect.

A Couple of Galleries

You can find a couple of galleries on the web. The first can be found here. It is my Exposure page for the game. With all of the senior day festivities I thought that it could make for a cool story. I like the way that it turned out. The second gallery is the full gallery for the game on my site here. The gallery is unlocked, and you can download any photo that you want from it.


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