Day Three of #ACLFest

The Third And Final Day of the First Weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival

All good things must come to an end, and on Sunday that was the case for our ACL adventure. We had one last day to pack in some great music before heading back to Indiana. It was a hot day, but well worth it for the music that we were able to see. As the day was winding down I was coming back from a beverage stand with a couple of tasty beverages in my hands when I saw this scene in front of me. I shuffled some stuff around so that I could get my phone out to make a photo. More than likely this will be the last ACL Festival that we will attend for a while. I thought that this was the perfect riding off into the sunset picture with that in mind.

The Middle Kids

The only real up close experience that I had at the festival was watching The Middle Kids with my wife. She is far cooler than me, and she seems to know what bands to go and see at these festivals. The Middle Kids were an energetic young band that I would love to see again. They really were into their music, and that means something to me. Every year I find a band or two that I like because of what they are doing on stage as much as the music that they are making.

ACL Eats

One thing that I did not do much of at ACL this year was eat. It seems like we did a good job of eating before and after the festival. Austin has such good food that I was often too full to even think of eating inside of ACL. On Sunday I did eat there twice as was our plan. I chose The Salt Lick both times. It is the touristy BBQ of Austin, but it tastes great to me. It is amazing though how much you have to choose from as far as food and drinks go at ACL. The festival has been around a while, and they know how to have everything that they need in place.

Portugal. The Man

For a while now I have had a dirty little secret. I really like the song Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man. It is the kind of poppy song that I shouldn’t like, but something about it is fantastic to me. Of course I was in front of the Homeaway stage when they took the stage. When the show started up with a cover of For Whom The Bells Tolls I was freaking out. What kind of band was this? They put on a great show that was full of heavy guitars and riffs that I really liked. Feel It Still is still a poppy song, but there are some other good songs by Portugal. Then Man as well.

The Killers Close It Out

If this was indeed the last ACL Festival that we will attend for a while The Killers were a pretty good way to close it out. They started their set off with a great Tom Petty cover. We heard quite a few over the course of the weekend, and this was one just as good. They then went off on a ride that was both energetic and fun. If the weekend was to end with a sunset as I posted above maybe this last photo that I made was a kind of fake sunset that we could ride off into. The concert season is far from done for me. I have a few coming up with a couple during the same week in November. By the time that month is over I might be ready for some sleep.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week using some different tools than I normally do. My weekly look back at my favorite photos of the week is filled with some fun photos made with my iPhone as well as the Sony rX1 II that I rented for the trip. You can take a look at those photos here.

An Unexpected Contest

I really never expected to be a part of the 2017 MiLBY’s. I only shot two minor league games this year, and they were in the same ballpark on back to back days. With that in mind I wasn’t even looking for the contest. It took a reader pointing it out to me to see that I was a part of it. My photo of White Sox prospect Yoan Moncada signing autographs before his game against the Indianapolis Indians was selected as one of the photos of the year. If you look at the other photos nominated it is just an honor to be there. If you want to help me win you can click here and vote for my photo in the Photo of the Year section. Two years ago I won with a photo that I made in a similar situation. I only shot a couple of games, but circumstances worked out well for me.


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