Six Years Of Blogging

Six Years Of This Blog

Six years ago today I had a crazy idea. I would make a photo a day and post it for all to see. I thought that the photo 365 project would help me grow as a photographer. I was right. Constantly looking for a subject for an entire year trained me to always be on the lookout for a photo. Five years after the project ended I still find myself constantly looking for subjects. This blog was made in the hopes that by having to post a photo from the project everyday that I would actually go through with the project. Basically it was to use peer pressure to make sure that I went through with it. It is hard to believe how far I have come in the six years that this blog has been around. I started with a Canon 60D and the 18-135mm lens that came with it. Now I still have the Canon 60D, but I also have a few more Canon cameras as well. The 18-135mm lens has also been joined by a few others lenses as well. If you had told me that I would have done what I have done since I started this in six years I would have thought that you were crazy. This blog has opened up adventures for me, and that is a great thing. For a while it was only my wife and parents reading the thing, and now I have people that read it every day. Thank you all for what you do, and let’s move on to lucky year seven!

The Role Of The Anthrop Family On The Blog

By pure chance the first photo on this blog was of Central Catholic running back Danny Anthrop running a punt back for a touchdown. You can see that photo above. When I made the photo with my Canon 60D and Canon 75-300mm lens I thought that it was ready to be published in Sports Illustrated. I had a long way to go at the time. I chose the picture of Danny for the first post because it was my best photo from the night, and it was an amazing punt return. When the photo 365 project was coming to a close I realized that it would end on a football Saturday. With Danny Anthrop on the Purdue team I knew that I had the chance for a perfect bookend. I didn’t know if the blog would continue so when I came up with the idea to use Danny as a bookend I thought that it would be the first and last post on this blog. What I realized is that I enjoyed writing as much as I enjoyed making the photos so the blog moved on. The photo that ended the photo 365 project was taken from my spot in the stands as I had no field access. By October of 2013 I was on the field at Purdue so the opportunities to put an Anthrop on the blog again was much easier. From that point on it has just become a tradition to have an Anthrop on the blog on the anniversary of it. Luckily Danny’s younger brother Jackson plays for Purdue now so I can make that happen. Danny is now a member of the Lafayette Police force so maybe I can make a portrait of him when his brother graduates. This was never an elaborate plan, but rather a very cool coincidence that then turned into a tradition.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Last year I honestly had thought about ending the blog at five years. Writing a post a day can be hard at times. Right now I am actually away from home and the blog is not a priority for me. I have posts scheduled for my absence, but that takes time as well. As I said above though I love writing these posts. In the past year I have thought more about the blog than I have since the first year. I have tried to tell more stories on it instead of just showing a photo or two. In all I have been blogging in some form for 11 years now, and it is always interesting to see what people like and what they don’t like. Over the course of the next year the focus of what I shoot will change somewhat. I am starting to pull away from sports photography a bit. The money really just isn’t there like you would think it would be. I find that most people just want you to shoot for free for ‘exposure’. I have already started to focus more on what actually makes money. This blog may go back to looking more like it did at the beginning with less and less sports on it. No matter what I will still be here posting at least a photo a day for a while. It is just too much fun to do.


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