Into The Great Wide Open

Down The King’s Highway

Sometimes you need a road in your photo to take you into it. Here the road takes you right up into the windmills and off into the sunset. Often when looking at a great landscape I need something in the foreground. The shot just doesn’t work without it. Here the road provides a great foreground element to take out into the photo.

Learning To Fly

We are approaching one year with the quadcopter. Having a means to go above and beyond the norm to make photos has been amazing. Right now I have kind of settled down with it a little bit. I am not going out every day to photograph things that really don’t need to be photographed from the air. That time was vital though in learning how to fly the thing and to get to where I am comfortable with it. It really has given me a new way to see the world.

I Won’t Back Down

In case you haven’t been able to tell so far this post was kind of a tribute to Tom Petty. This year has been a bad year for me realizing that I haven’t seen someone that I really want to see. This past summer I heard Chris Cornell and Soundgarden during a sound check while editing, and realized that I need to see them live. We all know how that turned out. Last week on MTV Live my wife and I were watching a Petty concert at Fenway Park. I uttered those same words that I need to see him live. That will not be possible now either. While watching the show I was telling my wife about the song Two Gunslingers and how relevant that song is now. A bunch of people fighting about something, but they have forgotten what it is. When the two main gunslingers stop fighting so does everyone that came to see the gunfight. Tom wrote songs that stand the test of time, and gave me some permanent favorites that have always been in my playlists.

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