A Quick Trip To The Feast Of The Hunter’s Moon

Taking a Quick Trip to the Feast of The Hunter’s Moon

Every year we try and make it out to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon for the kids. By for the kids I mean that they enjoy it, but the third kid in our family (me) also enjoys making pictures there. It is a great gathering of interesting looking people who don’t mind their photo being taken. We had to make the trip quick this year because we had a party for my daughter in the afternoon. It was a quick in and out in just over an hour seeing the things we enjoy seeing, and occasionally waiting for me to make a photo. At times I felt like the Griswold family in the first movie as we would look at something for a beat and then move on. It was a fun trip out there though, and I was able to make some photos that I liked.

Finding The Little Things

Part of the fun of the Feast when I have the time is finding the little things that make it so cool. These little details all around like the one above are very cool to me, and sometimes can make the best photos. If I was putting together a photo story they would be the small elements that hold it all together.

The Week In Photos

A few of those detail photos find their way into my weekly roundup of my favorite photos of the week. You can find that Exposure post here. Last week I covered a couple of cool events other than sports as well as softball, swimming, and football. The week before I had a lot of photos that I loved, but they could not be on the list because they were of others children. This week was a more straightforward week.

May I Take Your Photo?

If you know me then you know that I don’t like my photo being made. With that in the back of my head I always assume that others don’t as well. At a place like the Feast though if the people are dressed up more than likely they want attention. Part of the challenge though is to make the photo in a way that does not give away where you are. I like candid photos so at times like the one above I will try and make the photo without being seen. Of course he knew I was there the whole time, and acted like he was in his own world. Most of these people are pros at what they do so it is easy to make a good photo out there.


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