Indiana State Preps For Their First Game Of The 2017 Season

Getting Memorial Stadium Ready For Their Night Game

For the last several months I have been looking forward to last night. The Thursday night start to my college football season has been circled on the calendar. It is hard to believe that it is already here. I wanted to show some of what made the day happen. With that in mind I showed up to the stadium about seven and a half hours before kickoff. It was a long day, but a fun one behind the scenes. This post will show all of what led up to the game, and then tomorrow I will cover the actual game on here.

Positioning Yourself For Success

Sometimes you see a player that is interesting. When everyone has the same warmups on you look for things that make some people stand out. I wanted to make some photos of those people. I found a spot at the entrance to the locker room where I would be able to make photos of the players as they returned after visiting Whitney and the equipment room. I would be able to find people to photograph as they passed me to go to the equipment room, and then be ready as they returned. It was a good plan that helped me make a few of my favorite photos on the day.

The Focus of the Day

The real focus of the day was of course the head coach of the Sycamores Curt Mallory. The feeling around the Indiana State football program has really changed since the day he took over. There is an excitement level there that I did not feel before. He has brought in a great staff that is enthusiastic about the game. It was fun following him around a bit before his first game at the helm of the Sycamores.

The Unexpected Moments

On a day like yesterday it really pays off to follow hunches or just see if something is interesting. At one point just before the game Coach Mallory grabbed the captains to discuss the coin toss. They went to a dark hallway which means that I really didn’t have much of a photo. Taking a couple of steps back though I realized that I really did. The compete sign was an interesting lead in to the players. These are the little photos during the day that you never thought of that make the whole thing worthwhile.

Starting My Fifth Year On The Sidelines Of College Football

It is hard to believe that this is the fifth year that I have shot college football from the sidelines. After years of shooting from the stands this has been awesome. 2013 was a great year for me. I shot my first games on the sidelines of St. Joseph’s College and Wabash that year. I was not even going to go into the Purdue game against Notre Dame because I had already shot a game that day. I bought a ticket though with the idea to make a picture. I hoped the timing would be right. It was, and that photo got me a pass on the sidelines at Purdue. Since that time I have shot on many sidelines, and really gotten comfortable with myself there. The challenge during this year will be pushing myself to do even more. Yesterday was a start to that mentality.

With A Little Help From My Friends

As I said yesterday this was the most successful August ever on the blog. That really means a lot to me. I am not a photographer that worries about numbers. I don’t need to have large followings to make good photos. What I do like to see though are positive trends. The old SPC manager in me wants to see things trending in the right direction. With record months in July and August that is certainly the case. Thank you for reading this blog. It can be all over the place at times. Most of the time it is a sports photography blog. For a few weeks in the winter it turns into a blog nearly exclusively about bald eagles. Drones, sunsets, and places I have travelled take up most of the rest of the slack. Thanks for sticking through all of that, and I hope that I can bring you more of what you want to read. Tomorrow will be the first college game post of the year which is exciting.


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