Day Two of the Indiana Invitational

Indiana State Falls to Ball State in the First Match of Day Two in the Indiana Invitational

Saturday morning I was back at it early photographing Indiana State again as they took on Ball State in the Indiana Invitational. Indiana State was very competitive in all three sets, but they could not get a set win. They had some great moments including a great series of serves in the second set. In the end they fell in three sets.

Indiana State Falls to Indiana To Close Out the Indiana Invitational

Saturday night Indiana State faced a tough Indiana squad. With my background I get to see a lot of Big Ten teams play, and they are the conference to beat every year. Facing a Big Ten squad is a great way to show your team what a tough competitor really is. Indiana State played well against IU forcing some late tension which is always good. They fell in three sets, but they were fun to watch while doing it.

Making a Hard Sport To Photograph Even Harder

As I walked into the gym on the first day of the invitational I noticed some renderings of a remodel that will happen here. That is a good thing because they lights really ratchet up the difficulty level as you photograph. The arena is fairly dark, and to top that off it has the old sodium vapor lights that give off three distinct colors. This is a gym that you need to use strobes in to control the light. I am actually shocked that the Indiana photographers are not using strobes. You can capture the moment of the match, and just catch the wrong cycle of the light. You can sort of save the photo, but it never really looks right. It is a challenge, but that is what makes photography fun.

The Emotion of Volleyball

Volleyball is a fun sport to cover for the emotion. This time of year football is the king on most college campuses. When they emote though they are hidden behind a helmet, and you are usually many yards away. Volleyball on the other hand is a sport where you can get fairly close, and the emotion can come right through. This year I don’t have very much volleyball on the schedule. That is too bad. It is a fun sport to cover with a lot of emotion to capture.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun week for me. It started out with some eclipse chasing with the girls, and ended with a full weekend of sports. A few headshots with the roller derby team made it a good one for my weekly post of my favorite photos. You can view my favorite photos from last week here. This coming week is filled with a lot of football. I can’t wait to see how these posts start to come together over the next couple of weeks.


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