Sunset On Pawnee Dr

Sunsets Back Home

This past weekend I spent back in my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana. Each trip to the Maple City reminds me of just how long I have been gone. I find that I don’t know the town as well as I used to. Simple trips around town seem to trip me up as I second guess myself on where I should be turning. One thing that I do know well is my parent’s house on Pawnee Drive. We started building there in 1985, and I made many lifetime friends in that neighborhood. As I drive through it now though I am reminded of how time has changed everything. Most of the houses that my friends grew up in have new people living there. New generations to go out and play. The house on Pawnee Drive has changed as well over the years, but the core remains.

This Can Be Yours

This house on Pawnee Drive is for sale. It can be yours to raise a family in. It is a great house with many things to help raise your family. A pool, a huge yard, and a great basketball court. I have shot thousands of baskets on that court, but it is time for someone else to do that. If you want to know more about the house you can click here.

The Week In Photos

Last week was an interesting week for me. You can view my favorite photos of the week here on my Exposure page. This coming week will see many more sports photos coming back into the fray. Check out one last sports free post for a while here.


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