The 2017 Pierogi Fest In Whiting, Indiana

Heading Back to Whiting, Indiana Again For Pierogi Fest

For the past few years I have made the drive up to Whiting, Indiana to be a part of Pierogi Fest. This is a great festival that celebrates of a lot of what makes being Polish so fun. The streets of Whiting are lined with people and stands selling various foods. The photo above was made early in the day before the crowds really showed up. It is amazing how many people can fit into the town of Whiting. They really have everything down as well. They have a bus system that takes you from remote parking to the streets of Whiting. There are plenty of shuttles, and they only cost a dollar to ride. We have never really waited very long for a shuttle on either end of the trip. The event is also free to enter. I will warn you though that once inside you will spend a lot of money on Pierogi.

The International Slovak Dancers

One of the must see events of Pierogi Fest for us is the International Slovak Dancers. The little one loves to watch them dance as well as dance along with them. It is also nice for me to show her a bit of our culture. From the time that she was two my little one has danced along with them. Our trips to Whiting are planned around the dancers. It is also cool to see some of the dancers grow up themselves from year to year.

Thank You Very Much

This July was the best July on the blog ever by far. I don’t rely on numbers to tell me how I am doing, but the old SPC guy likes to look at trends as well. It still amazes me that people come and read this little blog. The days of just my parents reading it are far behind me. I have to constantly remember that I need to give you great content, and that helps quite a bit. Thank you for reading, and I hope that I can give you something worth reading in the future.

The Week In Photos

This week my weekly look back at my favorite photos has a distinct Northern Indiana flavor. A lot of my photos from the week came from up north as I call it. Next week sports will once again start becoming the primary focus for me. For now though it was nice to take some time off from them. Enjoy a sports free week in photos here.

More From Pierogi Fest

Below are a few more photos that I liked from Pierogi Fest.


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