The Statues of the Great American Ballpark

Seeing the Statues at the Great American Ballpark

One of the things that the Cincinnati Reds do very well is the way that they honor their past. The last time I visited the park in 2009 I toured the Hall of Fame, and I was very impressed. This should be a model for other ballparks to follow. From what I have seen St. Louis did follow this model, and they have a very good hall of fame as well. At the early hour I was walking by I was not able to tour the hall of fame, but I was able to see the statues outside of the park. They have added a few since I was there last. I concentrated on the statues that were new to me during my short stay. I can’t wait to see how they honor more of their heroes in the future. I may be there when they honor Junior.

The New Pete Rose Statue at Great American Ballpark

The big reason to head back to the Great American Ballpark in my limited time in Cincinnati was to see the new Pete Rose statue outside of the ballpark. I loved watching Pete play as a kid. He played the game the way that it should be played. He played with a heart and passion that few can match. His statue shows that perfectly as Pete will forever slide head first into a base outside of the park. This is a great statue that will be a destination for fans for years to come.

More Photos From the Park

Below are a few more of my favorites from my short walk around the park.


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