Watching the Sun Set Behind Chicago Night Two

Watching the Sun Set Behind Chicago For the Second Night In A Row

For the second night in a row I joined my friend Trevor Mahlmann at Porter Beach to watch the sun set behind Chicago. Trevor organized this pretty cool shoot for many of his social media followers to join him on. It was a fun night meeting some new photographers. You get to find out what they like to shoot, and what motivates them. Seeing how everyone takes a different angle to view of the scene is great as well. It is funny how it works. All week long the first few nights of the meet up looked bad, and they were. It was too cloudy to see the show. Thursday night was iffy, and Friday looked like the sure thing. Of course Thursday was the best night, and Friday didn’t quite pan out. We still got a heck of a show as the sun broke through the clouds and moved towards the city. The haze in the city combined with the sun gave us a heck of a show. If you want to check out this cool phenomenon you still have about another few days to witness this.

A New Show Every Night

I bet if you had the time to head up to the lakeshore to watch this every night until it passed through Chicago you would see a different show every night. We had many different chances to make a photo before the real show was even ready to begin. On the way there I was wondering how I would make a different set of photos on night two. Looking up at the sky I realized that the sky was going to do most of that work for me.

At The Beach With Some New Friends

Part of the fun of the last two days was meeting new photographers. This is a fun hobby/job for many people so it is fun to share that enthusiasm. If you want to see some of the work from the others from last night check them out on Instagram here kurtsteiss, ecotwin1marissacadavidberns, and joshdinner. I have met some amazing photographers the last two nights that have really given me some inspiring ideas. Photography is fun. Photography with others is even more fun.


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