Dead and Company Play Wrigley Field

Dead and Company Invade Wrigley Field

Saturday we drove up to Chicago to see Dead and Company at Wrigley Field. We ate near the stadium and of course the place was packed with Dead fans waiting to go into the show. The scene around Wrigley though was one that only could be around a show associated with the Dead. It was something to see. The entire weekend everywhere we went we saw fans of the Dead. They really did invade the city of Chicago for the weekend.

Bill Walton Gets Into the Act

As we were walking towards the entrance to the stadium I thought I spied a familiar face on the warm up stage playing a tambourine. When the crowd cleared out a little I realized that it was indeed Bill Walton having some fun. I made a photo that was alright, but I hoped turning the corner a bit would give me a better view of the situation. I was right about that, and as luck would have it Bill decided to raise his hands along with most of the crowd. It was my favorite pre concert photo, and it was just being lucky to walk by at that exact moment.

My Tools to Photograph a Concert

Concert can be a rough thing for me. I am not the biggest dead fan so when I don’t know the song I start to look at the light. Concert light can be some of the coolest light to photograph, and of course I can’t bring a good camera in. I have kind of settled on a plan of attack for making photos at a concert. When the light is good I just use my phone. For what I am doing the iPhone 7 Plus is good enough. For the first photo on this post of the hat I used portrait mode on the phone. It did a great job for me in the native camera app. The Walton photo I made with an app called ProCam. I don’t remember where I heard of this, but it is a great way to shoot in RAW and get some of the manual settings that I am used to using. When the light goes away I have my trusty Canon Powershot G16 in my pocket. This little camera packs a big punch. It only shoots in 12mp form, but it allows me to shoot in RAW which I like. Again for what I am using the photos for this is plenty. Someday I would like to shoot a big show like this with my good stuff. Until then I have a pretty good setup going for me.

Watching the People

As I sat in my seat Saturday night I could not help but watch the crowd. This is an interesting crowd for sure. I don’t know all of the songs, but I do enjoy a few. What I enjoy the most is watching the people. Last year in Indy I had the thought of running a free photo booth in and around the vendor area. I had the same idea this year. It would be worth it for all of the people that would come through. Maybe next year I will follow through on that idea.

The Week in Photos

Last week was all about getting things back in order after a long vacation. I did manage to get out and make some photos though. At the end of the week my Canon 11-24mm lens that I rented came getting me out to make some more photos. Most of this week’s favorite photos though come from the weekend in Chicago. You can view my Exposure page with my favorite photos here.


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