Jogging Down the Beach

A Sunrise Jog

While in Ocean City I was trying to find some new angles to photograph from. One of them was down the beach. The light was right here at sunrise for this shot down the beach. The orange sky and the blue water really played well together so I tried to wait for something interesting to come into my frame. Often nothing will, and I am left with just the water and the sky. Here I was lucky as a jogger and their dog came through. Sometimes you just get lucky if you wait long enough.

Using the Canon 100-400mm Lens

One purchase that I have been meaning to make for a while is the Canon 100-400mm lens. Just before the trip I made the purchase with family trips and some other events in mind. I like the lens in a well lit pool so I don’t have to have my monopod on the pool deck. So far I like the lens, but I have a little more testing to do. I will post a longer look at the lens in the next week. Here with the 1.4x tele on it and on my 7D Mark II I can really get in on the action.


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