Lightnin’ Strikes

Lightnin’ Is Strikin’ Again

Sorry for the title, but for some reason that Lou Christie song was going through my head the entire time that I made this photo. As I was writing a couple of blog posts the other night I could hear the thunder all around me. I went to our one high window which happens to face west to see what was going on outside. Just then a magnificent strike happened and light up a cool cloud. I ran and grabbed my camera to capture it if it happened again. By the time I got everything I needed together that cloud was long gone. I settled in for a late night making some storm photos.

Not As Easy As It Looks

Lightning is a crazy animal. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to where it will strike. With a little rain coming in my small window I had to back away from it a bit to keep my front element dry. With that in mind I had a very narrow field of view to hope that lightning would strike. I set up my camera to underexpose the scene and it left me with a shutter speed of 25 seconds. For about an hour I kept hitting the button hoping that something would come into my frame. I would get stray fingers of lightning from a strike just off camera, but nothing good. About an hour into the adventure the strike above happened. After the 25 seconds were up I checked the back of my camera to see if I had captured the strike. I had! In all I spent two hours looking out that window and made 226 frames. A few of those frames had cool clouds illuminated by off camera strikes, but for the most part they were fairly dark storm photos. That one strike just over an hour in was the only one I would capture. It was amazing though, and made me want to stay up late on another night to try again. When you capture one it looks amazing.

Music to Inspire

Yesterday I talked about the role that music plays in my photography and editing. As I was sitting at my computer before I made this photo I was listening to Planetarium, and I still suggest that you give it a listen. After making it through the album a couple of times I switched it up a bit. I put on ‘The Planets’ by Holst. If you don’t know this then you should give it a listen. As a child of the 80’s a lot of this sounds familiar. One of my favorite movies growing up was ‘The Right Stuff’. Most of that score is directly copied from Holst. In fact while looking for a composer the movie was cut to the Holst music. Another composer who must like Holst is John Williams. Listening to the music you can hear bits from Star Wars and Indiana Jones pop in and out. Both James Horner and Hans Zimmer also seem to look to Holst for inspiration too. It is fun to listen to music that inspired artists that inspire you. Watching a storm roll in with Holst playing is a fun experience I highly recommend it.


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