Sunset, Birds, and Ocean City

A Lone Bird Signals the End of the Day in Ocean City

It is funny how some photos just need a little time for you to realize them. It has been almost a year to the date since I made this photo in Ocean City. It was our first night down there, and I made a few photos off of the deck of our condo at sunset. It was our first year staying on the boardwalk, and I loved this view every night. I just did not see this for what it was last year. It is a photo that I love now, and I wish that I had found it sooner. Sometimes you are just not ready to realize a photo though. It has quickly become one of my favorite photos from our trip to the shore last year.

New Music to Edit To

If you read this blog then you know that music is very important to me. Lately I have been getting excited about going to the Metallica show in Chicago. While I love metal it is not always conducive to the editing process. I usually like something much more relaxing. I usually listen to scores while I edit. I have a new album that I have been listening to. It is called Planetarium and it is by Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, and Nico Muhly. A couple of years ago at the Music Now festival we heard selections from this live with a symphony, and it was great. The full album is now out, and it has been amazing to edit to. Give it is a listen. It definitely helps me reach out to my creative side while editing.

More Photos From Ocean City

Last year I did not make as many photos as I had in years past. I did like quite a few of those photos, and many of them made it into my photos of the week post from that week last year. I left the trip a little early to photograph a wedding so some of those are in the post as well. It was a fun week of shooting for sure. You can see those photos from last year here.


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